Austerity: Showing Up at A War with No Armor

What do you do when you have a war to win and your opponent has enough nuclear hardware to wipe out everyone on this pale blue Earth twenty times over?

You fight with your economy. And China knows this.

While we argue among ourselves about the President’s love of his country – and what country that is – the Great Panda is arming itself to win the next Great War. A war that will be fought with the minds of engineers, the power of a rigged currency, the weight of over a billion citizens longing to be free – free to earn and shop, not free to think, vote and control their personal destiny.

China is now graduating more than 2 times the number of engineers than the U.S. – every year. We had Steve Jobs. China has FoxConn, the manufacturer Apple chose to make Steve Jobs’ visions of the future into physical products.

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#OccupySupply: The War Bond of the 99% Movement

Help the Occupation survive the Winter.

During the first week of the #OccupyLosAngeles occupation of the lawn at L.A. City Hall, I read a tweet that a local pizza joint had sent pizzas to the protesters. Impressed, I called and bought 2 large pies and had them delivered to the occupation, something the girl on the phone said was happening all day since the tweet went out.

Just one example of how anyone can help keep the movement going.

With Winter approaching, the occupations in places like NYC, Chicago – DENVER! Brrrr! – are going to face a challenge as great as the thuggish police and callous Mayors that have descended on many of the camps. 

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Send in the Clowns: KFI’s John and Ken Invade #OccupyLA

John and Ken have a problem liking "other" people

My phone rings.

It’s my (conservative) friend from Orange County, CA. She wants to know if I’m listening to the John and Ken show on KFI. Since I don’t listen to right-wingnut buffoons on the radio, I’m not.

“They’re down at that occupy thing in L.A. and they’re interviewing some clown going on and on about how there should be no landlords…”

About what I would expect from the conservative/libertarian loons of on-air personalities.

John and Ken hate the #Occupy movement. They repeat every slander and lie sent to them on the Repugnicans’ talking points list. John and Ken don’t understand how anyone could be mad at the FatCats, because the only thing wrong in America is Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and all those liberals screwing it up for the wealthy and powerful. Continue reading

They Grow ‘em Bigger in Texas – Rick Perry’s Little Mind, Trump and Birthers

“To the C students, I say you, too, can be president of the United States”

— George Bush, May 26, 2009


I like to think that Rick Perry, Cro-Magnon Governor of the Corporate State of Texas and a 2nd generation Birther, believes that GWB was directed at him and he got really, really pissed. I-hate-you Mitt Romney finger-pointing at a Repugnican debate pissed.

Today, Rick Perry wanted people to be discussing Steve Forbes’ his brilliant suicide squeeze of a flat tax reverse-Robin Hood give-away to the FatCats and Corporations. And I was ready to bite, chew and spit that plan all over his free-for-favors cowboy boots, I really was.

Then he gave an interview where he doubled down on the Birther talk, showing how clumsy he is with subtlety, not agreeing with the comments about birth certificates and the “need to be thorough”, all the while spreading the lies and bigotry.

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Ahmadinejad is Crazy – And We Fall For It Everytime. Crazy – Like a Rabid Fox.

What’s the best response to that (clinically) wacky ‘ol Ahmadinejad showing up at the U.N. and dumping all kinds of crazy on the General Assembly?

1. Show up, knowing he’s going to try to insult you and get you to walk out of the chamber?

2. Do like a third of the other countries and just skip it, even though it’s probably more entertaining than half of what’s playing on Broadway that day?

3. Show up, listen and take the hit for the big, confident country you represent?

The worst thing you could do – and what our diplomats choose to do every year he speaks – is to send some 3rd level seat warmers to sit for 2 minutes, wait for the first shot over the bow, then huff-and-puff and walk towards the exit the longest distance from their seats. Continue reading

Ben Stein is an Idiot – Not an Economist.

If Ben Stein is an Economist, I am a nuclear physicist. Then again, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last week…

Received this gem from Ben Stein in an email from a friend:

“Fathom the odd hypocrisy that Obama wants every citizen to prove they are insured, but people don’t have to prove they are citizens.”

Funny, but as usual for Ben, very inaccurate. Mr. Stein apparently holds to FAUXNews’ standards for checking the facts before he speaks. Continue reading