Rick Perry: Drunk and Loving his Maple Syrup – Bring it!

Maple Syrup = Joy.

 Sometimes a video says more than all the progressive filtered commentary.

Rick Perry is tanking in the polls, fading fast. He can’t debate a paper bag and he can’t get voters to like him, after a short, wistful honeymoon when he enter the race (read: He’s not Mitt Romney).

Perry is still campaigning. He’s campaigning in New Hampshire. My guess, the event – broadcast live on CNN – was serving alcohol. And I don’t mean some wine with dinner. I’m guessing there was a few bottles of Jack Daniels or Johnny Walker Red Black Blue on hand. And Rick Perry knew where the bar was…

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In God We Trust? Repubnicans Waste More Time in Congress

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! It’s the mantra of congressional Repugnicans, right?

No, not really.

The Repugnicans in the House have spent most of their legislative time debating abortion, voter fraud (read: voter suppression), defunding Social Security, Medicare, women’s health services (read: more abortion), cutting/ending taxes on Oil and Gas corporations and … you get the picture.

God is Good Business

“If religion and morality are taken out of the marketplace of ideas,the very freedom on which the United States was founded cannot be secure.” – excerpt from Motto resolution

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You choose: Food for 200,000 Kids at Risk -or- 1 Week of GWB Tax Cuts for the FatCats?

"If those child don't get adequate nutrition they'll never be competitive in the workforce"- Rep. Jim Moran (D)

Quick: You’ve got ~$850 million dollars to spend. Your choices are:

  • Fund a Federal program to feed over 200,000 low birth-weight children and their impoverished mothers for one year.
  • Fund ONE WEEK of the tax cuts and loopholes for the FatCats created by the Bush Tax Cuts.

I know, easy. FatCats. All the way.

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Herman Cain: Campaign Ad, iMovie-style

While I find it obvious that Herman Cain is auditioning for a FauxNews Prime-time slot and has no interest in becoming  the President, his concept for a web-only* campaign ad is so bad it should have a permanent spot in the  promo reel before the midnight movies.

…and you’ve got to love the smile. OK, maybe not.

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