Ahmadinejad is Crazy – And We Fall For It Everytime. Crazy – Like a Rabid Fox.

What’s the best response to that (clinically) wacky ‘ol Ahmadinejad showing up at the U.N. and dumping all kinds of crazy on the General Assembly?

1. Show up, knowing he’s going to try to insult you and get you to walk out of the chamber?

2. Do like a third of the other countries and just skip it, even though it’s probably more entertaining than half of what’s playing on Broadway that day?

3. Show up, listen and take the hit for the big, confident country you represent?

The worst thing you could do – and what our diplomats choose to do every year he speaks – is to send some 3rd level seat warmers to sit for 2 minutes, wait for the first shot over the bow, then huff-and-puff and walk towards the exit the longest distance from their seats. Continue reading

Ben Stein is an Idiot – Not an Economist.

If Ben Stein is an Economist, I am a nuclear physicist. Then again, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last week…

Received this gem from Ben Stein in an email from a friend:

“Fathom the odd hypocrisy that Obama wants every citizen to prove they are insured, but people don’t have to prove they are citizens.”

Funny, but as usual for Ben, very inaccurate. Mr. Stein apparently holds to FAUXNews’ standards for checking the facts before he speaks. Continue reading

$300 billion in Tax Cuts: Has Pres. Obama become a trickle down Repugnican?

Michael Moore knows what’s what.

Has President Obama become a trickle down Repugnican convert? $300 billion in tax cuts and only $50 billion for infrastructure? WTF! Tax cuts don’t stimulate the economy. Spending stimulates the economy – directly.

The corporations that will  most benefit from these cuts/credits have been purposefully choking The Other 98% of us, the middle class, those who do without,  by witholding credit for deserving small businesses, forcing foreclosures on homes they cannot sell. This is their modus operandi, to harm the President and the Democratic party in the hope to install a new Repugnican regime intent on perpetrating another raid on our government in the name of big corporations and Big Oil. Continue reading

Labor Day: Mr. Obama, this is the day you fight for the workers of this country.

President Obama has come up with a plan to get people building things in this country. Good for him! That’s exactly what he should have done with all of the First Stimulus Plan. If he had spent the full $700 billion on  infrastructure, we would be sailing out of the Second Great Depression and on our way to fixing all the broken roads, bridges, schools, levee systems and more in this country.

We would be moving towards a nationwide high-speed rail system that would challenge China’s ambitious plan to give their citizens the mobility they need to compete in this global economy. We would be on our way to leading the world in Clean Energy technology and manufacturing, instead of talking about it as a solar-powered beacon on a hill.
But, no. Pres. Obama has once again flinched, ducked, compromised before the bell has rung to start the first round of this fight. Continue reading

iSamizdat: This is my story, my thoughts, my diatribe

From Wikipedia:

Samizdat (Russian pronunciation: [səmɨˈzdat]) was a key form of dissident activity across the Soviet bloc in which individuals reproduced censored publications by hand and passed the documents from reader to reader, thus building a foundation for the successful resistance of the 1980s. 

Samizdat was the original blog: a way for the silenced to tell their story, to express their opinion, to expose the truth of their condition without the need of a publisher, a printing press or the approval of anyone but their own.

Samizdat can take the form of hand-copied notes, typewriter texts made with carbon paper, duplicated cassette tape commentaries, xeroxed manuscripts or even diatribes disseminated through blogs over the Internet.

Samizdat is spread by the passing of it’s contents by friends. This is essence of blogging.

Vladimir Bukovsky defined it as follows:

“I myself create it, edit it, censor it, publish it, distribute it, and get imprisoned for it.”

This is my story, my thoughts, my exposition of the truth based on facts, my diatribe.

This is my iSamizdat.