Rick Perry: Drunk and Loving his Maple Syrup – Bring it!

Maple Syrup = Joy.

 Sometimes a video says more than all the progressive filtered commentary.

Rick Perry is tanking in the polls, fading fast. He can’t debate a paper bag and he can’t get voters to like him, after a short, wistful honeymoon when he enter the race (read: He’s not Mitt Romney).

Perry is still campaigning. He’s campaigning in New Hampshire. My guess, the event – broadcast live on CNN – was serving alcohol. And I don’t mean some wine with dinner. I’m guessing there was a few bottles of Jack Daniels or Johnny Walker Red Black Blue on hand. And Rick Perry knew where the bar was…

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In God We Trust? Repubnicans Waste More Time in Congress

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! It’s the mantra of congressional Repugnicans, right?

No, not really.

The Repugnicans in the House have spent most of their legislative time debating abortion, voter fraud (read: voter suppression), defunding Social Security, Medicare, women’s health services (read: more abortion), cutting/ending taxes on Oil and Gas corporations and … you get the picture.

God is Good Business

“If religion and morality are taken out of the marketplace of ideas,the very freedom on which the United States was founded cannot be secure.” – excerpt from Motto resolution

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Austerity: Showing Up at A War with No Armor

What do you do when you have a war to win and your opponent has enough nuclear hardware to wipe out everyone on this pale blue Earth twenty times over?

You fight with your economy. And China knows this.

While we argue among ourselves about the President’s love of his country – and what country that is – the Great Panda is arming itself to win the next Great War. A war that will be fought with the minds of engineers, the power of a rigged currency, the weight of over a billion citizens longing to be free – free to earn and shop, not free to think, vote and control their personal destiny.

China is now graduating more than 2 times the number of engineers than the U.S. – every year. We had Steve Jobs. China has FoxConn, the manufacturer Apple chose to make Steve Jobs’ visions of the future into physical products.

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#OccupySupply: The War Bond of the 99% Movement

Help the Occupation survive the Winter.

During the first week of the #OccupyLosAngeles occupation of the lawn at L.A. City Hall, I read a tweet that a local pizza joint had sent pizzas to the protesters. Impressed, I called and bought 2 large pies and had them delivered to the occupation, something the girl on the phone said was happening all day since the tweet went out.

Just one example of how anyone can help keep the movement going.

With Winter approaching, the occupations in places like NYC, Chicago – DENVER! Brrrr! – are going to face a challenge as great as the thuggish police and callous Mayors that have descended on many of the camps. 

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