Wake up, People – this is the Great Stealth Depression

An Excerpt from a recent ranting reply I posted on Facebook:

Wake up, People – this is the Great Stealth Depression! No more tax cuts! Sheesh! You already pay lower % in taxes since the 50′s!

Continue unemployment payments indefinitely – #1 stimulus available for the economy. Continue the 1st time home buyers credit – stop punishing people w/ good credit. Fund a TRILLION dollars of real infrastructure projects – fix every road, bridge and tunnel in the U.S. – infrastructure is good for America and soothes the souls of the soulless bond market.

Build the damn high-speed rail system at least as fast as China – rapid deployment causes train factories to locate in-country creating 100′s of 1000′s of jobs – manufacturing jobs.

And declare a War on Oil and build the clean energy future for our health and profits and greed.

Don’t repeat the mid 1930′s when they slashed taxes and stopped spending and reignited the 2nd half of the Great Depression.

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