Send in the Clowns: KFI’s John and Ken Invade #OccupyLA

John and Ken have a problem liking "other" people

My phone rings.

It’s my (conservative) friend from Orange County, CA. She wants to know if I’m listening to the John and Ken show on KFI. Since I don’t listen to right-wingnut buffoons on the radio, I’m not.

“They’re down at that occupy thing in L.A. and they’re interviewing some clown going on and on about how there should be no landlords…”

About what I would expect from the conservative/libertarian loons of on-air personalities.

John and Ken hate the #Occupy movement. They repeat every slander and lie sent to them on the Repugnicans’ talking points list. John and Ken don’t understand how anyone could be mad at the FatCats, because the only thing wrong in America is Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and all those liberals screwing it up for the wealthy and powerful.

KFI's John and Ken


“Send in the Clowns….

Don’t bother. They’re here”
- Stephen Sondheim


So when John and Ken decide to show up and broadcast from #OccupyLA – accompanied by four security guards dressed in suits - they don’t look for the spokespersons of the movement. No, that would be too hard – those spokespeople know what they’re talking about! What they bring to the airwaves are the demented, sad outliers that flock to any protest just for the chance to wave a banner, hold a sign or just shout out whatever fringe thought that has invaded their brain. “Find me an anarchist! Grab that Anti-Semite! Yes! We’ve found a Socialist! We’re on in 3… 2… 1…”

For John and Ken, it’s easier to argue with a clown than an informed adversary, for John and Ken thrive on being uninformed.

This is not something they invented. No. John and Ken are just cribbing from FauxNews. It’s a simple recipe:

  1. Have a booker find the most incapable member of an organization, event or protest.
  2. Put them on air.
  3. Ridicule the entire progressive movement for being so stupid.
  4. Pat yourself on the back for being so much smarter than the patsy you just setup.

It’s so predictable it doesn’t even make for good radio or television. It’s Harlem Globetrotter basketball – those hapless Washington Generals are going to lose. It’s the Roller Derby of the 1970′s – that team from L.A. never lost. 

So, I’ll bet John and Ken will yuck it up all week about all those dirty, smelly college dropouts wasting the city’s time and money. They’ll replay the interviews of disjointed people telling disjointed stories that have nothing to do with the #Occupy movement and laugh and gasp for air, feeling their superiority over the fools they duped into talking to them.

And they’ll never know that the real clowns are sitting right there in the studio at KFI, in their chairs…

 L.A. Times: Talk radio hosts get an earful at Occupy L.A. encampment

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