Labor Day: Mr. Obama, this is the day you fight for the workers of this country.

President Obama has come up with a plan to get people building things in this country. Good for him! That’s exactly what he should have done with all of the First Stimulus Plan. If he had spent the full $700 billion on ¬†infrastructure, we would be sailing out of the Second Great Depression and on our way to fixing all the broken roads, bridges, schools, levee systems and more in this country.

We would be moving towards a nationwide high-speed rail system that would challenge China’s ambitious plan to give their citizens the mobility they need to compete in this global economy. We would be on our way to leading the world in Clean Energy technology and manufacturing, instead of talking about it as a solar-powered beacon on a hill.
But, no. Pres. Obama has once again flinched, ducked, compromised before the bell has rung to start the first round of this fight.

$50 billion is sadly inadequate. Just one subway line here in L.A. costs $9 billion. It will take hundreds of billions of dollars to fix just the crumbling bridges on our highways.

We need a massive, progressive New Deal to end the Second Great Depression. We need a Roosevelt, who welcomed the hate of his enemies and muscled them out of the way. We need a Truman, who just told the truth and let his enemies believe it was Hell. We need a Clinton, who let his enemies shut down the federal government and called their bluff.

We need Obama to grow a spine and send a real recovery plan to the Senate and dare his enemies to abandon the American people. If only Pres. Obama would do that. Send bill after bill of popular, progressive – what his enemies will declare “socialist” – legislation to drag this country, with his enemies kicking and screaming, out of this Depression. And he should relish in their distress, their disgust of him, their ugly, rabid hatred of him. He should make them vote, over and over, to show the citizens of this country exactly who they value, whose money the covet, whose misfortune they are tone deaf to hear.

But he won’t.

Because Pres. Obama wants to be friends. He wants to incorporate their feelings in his ideas. He wants to compromise. He doesn’t understand: When people declare they are your enemies, you must treat them as enemies. Your enemies will not compromise with you. They will take your compromise and use it to reset the beginning of the battle in their favor. They will use your compromise as a sign of your weakness and their rejection of it as a sign of strength. You can’t deall with them because they do not want to deal. They want to destroy your, Mr. President. And you are handing them free ammunition to reload their weapons of fear, hatred and lies.

Mr. Obama, they can become your friends after you beat them, discredit them, destroy them. This is politics, this is war. This is not group therapy. This is not arbitration. You are not on the View.

This is Labor Day, Mr. Obama. This is the day you fight for the workers of this country.

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