$300 billion in Tax Cuts: Has Pres. Obama become a trickle down Repugnican?

Michael Moore knows what’s what.

Has President Obama become a trickle down Repugnican convert? $300 billion in tax cuts and only $50 billion for infrastructure? WTF! Tax cuts don’t stimulate the economy. Spending stimulates the economy – directly.

The corporations that will  most benefit from these cuts/credits have been purposefully choking The Other 98% of us, the middle class, those who do without,  by witholding credit for deserving small businesses, forcing foreclosures on homes they cannot sell. This is their modus operandi, to harm the President and the Democratic party in the hope to install a new Repugnican regime intent on perpetrating another raid on our government in the name of big corporations and Big Oil.

And President Obama, once again, gives in, before the fight even begins! He starts the battle, then fires the opening salvo at a ratio of six to one tax cuts to spending. Six to One. Six dollars enriching his enemies to every dollar spent on keeping this country’s roads drivable, our schools capable of educating, our police and fire departments capable of protecting it’s citizens.

You will not benefit from these tax cuts. They will not create a job for you if you’re unemployed. They will not lower the cost of a single product you cannot afford to buy. They will not allow your small business to buy any new equipment because the Big Banks will still not loan your perfectly sound, profitable small business a dime. They will not save your State, teetering on the crumbling rim of the chasm of bankruptcy, by providing no money to replace lost tax revenues, revenues needed to put gas in police cars, buy hoses and oxygen canisters for your firefighters, supplies and repairs for your deteriorating schools.

To paraphrase the Talking Heads:

“This is not your beautiful house …this is not your beautiful wife.
These are not your beautiful tax cuts.
Same as it ever was… Same as it ever was…”

Somehow, the Candidate Obama, who said he would tell us the truth instead of what we want to hear,  no matter the cost, has now made a complete refutation of that promise as President. The truth we need to hear is that we must get this country working and only the Federal Government has the funds to do that. Fix the economy and tax revenues will return and help to rebalance the budget. If we build $350 billion dollars worth of infrastructure, we will have something for that money. If we enrich the fat cats with tax cuts/credits, that money is lost.

Again, Pres. Obama. Grow a spine – before it’s too late.

Robert Reich: Why Obama Is Proposing Whopping Corporate Tax Cuts — and Why He’s Wrong

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