You choose: Food for 200,000 Kids at Risk -or- 1 Week of GWB Tax Cuts for the FatCats?

"If those child don't get adequate nutrition they'll never be competitive in the workforce"- Rep. Jim Moran (D)

Quick: You’ve got ~$850 million dollars to spend. Your choices are:

  • Fund a Federal program to feed over 200,000 low birth-weight children and their impoverished mothers for one year.
  • Fund ONE WEEK of the tax cuts and loopholes for the FatCats created by the Bush Tax Cuts.

I know, easy. FatCats. All the way.

And FatCats are the choice the Repugnicans in Congress chose when they demanded cutting $833 million from a program that gives tragically disadvantaged children and their mothers a chance at a life without the debilitating effects of malnutrition at an early age. That cut equates to removing over 200,000 children and their mothers from a program they desperately need.

Rep. Jim Moran (D) of Virginia, on Martin Bashir’s MSNBC show, laid out this cogent example of just one of the disastrous effects of the tax policies of GWB and the cost to our society the great giveaway has wrought, exposing the amorality of the no revenue/all cuts philosophy of the Party of the 1%.

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