Ahmadinejad is Crazy – And We Fall For It Everytime. Crazy – Like a Rabid Fox.

What’s the best response to that (clinically) wacky ‘ol Ahmadinejad showing up at the U.N. and dumping all kinds of crazy on the General Assembly?

1. Show up, knowing he’s going to try to insult you and get you to walk out of the chamber?

2. Do like a third of the other countries and just skip it, even though it’s probably more entertaining than half of what’s playing on Broadway that day?

3. Show up, listen and take the hit for the big, confident country you represent?

The worst thing you could do – and what our diplomats choose to do every year he speaks – is to send some 3rd level seat warmers to sit for 2 minutes, wait for the first shot over the bow, then huff-and-puff and walk towards the exit the longest distance from their seats. Continue reading