Rick Perry: Drunk and Loving his Maple Syrup – Bring it!

Maple Syrup = Joy.

 Sometimes a video says more than all the progressive filtered commentary.

Rick Perry is tanking in the polls, fading fast. He can’t debate a paper bag and he can’t get voters to like him, after a short, wistful honeymoon when he enter the race (read: He’s not Mitt Romney).

Perry is still campaigning. He’s campaigning in New Hampshire. My guess, the event – broadcast live on CNN – was serving alcohol. And I don’t mean some wine with dinner. I’m guessing there was a few bottles of Jack Daniels or Johnny Walker Red Black Blue on hand. And Rick Perry knew where the bar was…

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They Grow ‘em Bigger in Texas – Rick Perry’s Little Mind, Trump and Birthers

“To the C students, I say you, too, can be president of the United States”

— George Bush, May 26, 2009


I like to think that Rick Perry, Cro-Magnon Governor of the Corporate State of Texas and a 2nd generation Birther, believes that GWB was directed at him and he got really, really pissed. I-hate-you Mitt Romney finger-pointing at a Repugnican debate pissed.

Today, Rick Perry wanted people to be discussing Steve Forbes’ his brilliant suicide squeeze of a flat tax reverse-Robin Hood give-away to the FatCats and Corporations. And I was ready to bite, chew and spit that plan all over his free-for-favors cowboy boots, I really was.

Then he gave an interview where he doubled down on the Birther talk, showing how clumsy he is with subtlety, not agreeing with the comments about birth certificates and the “need to be thorough”, all the while spreading the lies and bigotry.

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