Austerity: Showing Up at A War with No Armor

What do you do when you have a war to win and your opponent has enough nuclear hardware to wipe out everyone on this pale blue Earth twenty times over?

You fight with your economy. And China knows this.

While we argue among ourselves about the President’s love of his country – and what country that is – the Great Panda is arming itself to win the next Great War. A war that will be fought with the minds of engineers, the power of a rigged currency, the weight of over a billion citizens longing to be free – free to earn and shop, not free to think, vote and control their personal destiny.

China is now graduating more than 2 times the number of engineers than the U.S. – every year. We had Steve Jobs. China has FoxConn, the manufacturer Apple chose to make Steve Jobs’ visions of the future into physical products.

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